Ro Rusnock

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At the fundamental level of my programs is a core purpose – to contribute to spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness so that we may live in a more peaceful world. In order to achieve peace in our world, each one of us must take 100% responsibility in creating peace and wellness inside of us. I look at my life now, thoroughly fulfilled by a career, relationships, and gorgeous, harmonious environments that I love. I’ve had the privilege of using the art and science of Feng Shui to help heart-centered people create extraordinary and impactful lives from the outside, in.

Amanda Peterson

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Amanda’s passion is to create the space where each person can listen deeply the Wisdom Within. Founder of Pathways of Grace Center, Amanda has experience as a pastor, hospice chaplain, spiritual director, life coach, Feng Shui practitioner, writer and artist. With individuals, she walks through the transitions in one’s life using both spiritual direction and Feng Shui to allow each person to pay attention to the gift of God/Divine in the midst of all circumstances. She truly believes that the transitions of life help teach us that life can change in amazing ways. Her style is intuitive, meeting each person where they are, allowing space to hear the Wisdom within their own hearts.

Phaedra Earhart

Phaedra Earhart has owned her local insurance business, the Earhart Insurance Agency, since July of 2010 and is licensed in the entire state of AZ.  She specializes in Commercial, Auto/Home and Life Insurance and truly values the connections she makes in her community. Phaedra has built her agency over time by focusing on four key pillars: Clients, Coverage, Community & Claims.

Paula Osterday

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Inner Health Now is dedicated to assisting people reach their highest potential through services that stimulate and support the body’s natural ability to heal, including hypnosis, reiki and rapid eye technology. This is accomplished within an environment that promotes positive change through unconditional love, honor, education and community. My mission is to assist people to release emotional stress, promoting natural healing of mind, body and spirit.

Frank Daly

Frank Daly is a wellness coach, public speaker and author who has transformed lives for over 15 years with his ability to enable his clients to see beyond the immediate drama of life and connect to the greater whole. Frank writes articles for several publications and regularly offers insightful and inspiring perspectives on his blog Daly Wisdom. Frank’s philosophy has been inspired by his practice of TM meditation, the reading of A Course in Miracles and the teachings of Bashar. Through his integration of these concepts he is able to guide many to inner peace and greater life fulfillment by recognizing the power every individual has to choose the quality of their life through conscious awareness.

Sarah Vedeler

Sarah Vedeler is an award-winning quilt artist, pattern designer and teacher. Sarah takes quilts to new levels of artistry with her signature style, passion for vibrant, modern colors, and masterful use of embroidered appliqué. Since she was a little girl, British-born Sarah Vedeler loved to sew. Her hobby continued through her teens and later at the University of Brighton, England — where she eventually earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science. She moved to the United States in 1998 to follow her career and shelved sewing until her first pregnancy, which then provided the perfect stage for her creative mind to take over once again. Combining her computer savvy with embroidery software and a passion for quilting, Sarah spent the next few years sewing, experimenting, and winning awards for her quilt designs. This helped her develop her signature technique of creating appliqué using an embroidery machine.

Scott Bennion

Scott Bennion is a Shepherd of the Soul, who sees life’s transitions as opportunities for transformation. He is a board certified clinical chaplain, spiritual guide and counselor, and a health and wellness coach. He is also an endorsed and ordained minister. In 1992, while serving in the military, Scott was introduced to chaplaincy—the art of deep listening and being a calm and compassionate presence for people with various personal and spiritual needs, regardless of their religious affiliation. Since then he’s worked in both public and private sectors as a chaplain, serving people from a variety of spiritual backgrounds as well as those who claim no particular spiritual path. Scott currently serves our country’s veterans as a chaplain at the VA Medical Center. He is a lover of people, living simply, and roads less traveled.

Dr. Kelly de Simone

Dr. Kelly de Simone, is a highly regarded Optometrist and business woman who has been caring for Ahwatukee’s vision health for over 25 years. An Ahwatukee vision development center since 1991, Eye Priority provides complete optometry and vision therapy services to Ahwatukee families. Their mission is to improve their patients’ quality of life by giving them the best vision possible.  Kelly and her staff offer many services for the health of your eyes that you would expect, yet what is unique about Kelly is that she offers a service called Vision Therapy. Think of vision therapy as physical therapy for the eyes and the brain. We see with our brains and minds, not just our eyes. Vision therapy can help patients with issues like: amblyopia, “lazy eye,” strabismus, convergence insufficiency, concussion symptoms, learning issues, and more. 

Cindy Gordon

Cindy Gordon is making the world a kinder and gentler place by bringing fulfillment to people through their work. As the owner of Business Rescue Coaching, Cindy works hard to guide women down the path of success. Her mission is to make all women financially independent, confident, and fulfilled; Ultimately, making the world a kinder and gentler place.

Sherri Waldenburg

Sherri is a style intuitive and has a special gift helping women experience and connect to the essence of their unique beauty. Sherri’s passion is to empower every woman to see her own beauty and be surrounded with beauty. Style Confidentley is about uncovering the essence of you and creating a unique style that brings confidence. After a session with Sherri, you will walk away inspired to express your authentic style. Her method is very personal and unique and so are her clients. Connect with Sherri on social media by visiting  and clicking in the social media links on the homepage.

Dr. Holly Castle

Dr. Holly Castle is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 20 years of experience. Her boutique practice focuses on bringing people’s health back into balance with gentle, effective, natural therapies that are highly personalized. These recommendations are designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional harmony and promote the body’s natural healing processes. She has a special interest in treating people who suffer from migraine headaches. Dr. Castle is also a practicing Buddhist who meditates daily, an avid reader, artist, writer, and astrologer.  

Tamara Nezirevic

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An integrative psychotherapist, I am passionate about facilitating the healing process for my clients, driven by the goal of compassionately meeting each client where they are, then gently guiding them to see, accept and adaptively integrate the experiences that led to their current symptoms, limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviors they’d like to change. Whether a client’s goal is symptom relief, healing from trauma, improving job performance and relationships at home or work, or deeply exploring their Spirituality and potential for joy beyond daily routines, my work is client-centered, offering therapeutic modalities that gently guide each client towards relief, healing, and well-being. . .to living well in the present, emotionally free from experiences of the past. Inviting Spirit into the healing process, paves the way to deeper personal transformation and transcendence of circumstance.  Allowing answers to come from a source of infinite wisdom is the ultimate goal for me with my clients. . .a process, through resonance, guided imagery, meditation, mindfulness and self-compassion that reminds each client of their own inherent strengths and ability to heal themselves whenever self-doubts or old wounds resurface. Life is difficult. . .until it’s not. A life of freedom from the past awaits us all ~ in the present. Tamara is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), specializing in trauma recovery and healing.  She brings with her an integrative approach that combines an understanding of Gestalt-based principles, mindfulness practices, EMDR and Transpersonal Psychology to aid in facilitating healing, vitality and wellbeing of her clients.