Tamara Nezirevic

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An integrative psychotherapist, I am passionate about facilitating the healing process for my clients, driven by the goal of compassionately meeting each client where they are, then gently guiding them to see, accept and adaptively integrate the experiences that led to their current symptoms, limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviors they’d like to change. Whether a client’s goal is symptom relief, healing from trauma, improving job performance and relationships at home or work, or deeply exploring their Spirituality and potential for joy beyond daily routines, my work is client-centered, offering therapeutic modalities that gently guide each client towards relief, healing, and well-being. . .to living well in the present, emotionally free from experiences of the past. Inviting Spirit into the healing process, paves the way to deeper personal transformation and transcendence of circumstance.  Allowing answers to come from a source of infinite wisdom is the ultimate goal for me with my clients. . .a process, through resonance, guided imagery, meditation, mindfulness and self-compassion that reminds each client of their own inherent strengths and ability to heal themselves whenever self-doubts or old wounds resurface. Life is difficult. . .until it’s not. A life of freedom from the past awaits us all ~ in the present. Tamara is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), specializing in trauma recovery and healing.  She brings with her an integrative approach that combines an understanding of Gestalt-based principles, mindfulness practices, EMDR and Transpersonal Psychology to aid in facilitating healing, vitality and wellbeing of her clients.