Dr. Kelly de Simone

Dr. Kelly de Simone, is a highly regarded Optometrist and business woman who has been caring for Ahwatukee’s vision health for over 25 years. An Ahwatukee vision development center since 1991, Eye Priority provides complete optometry and vision therapy services to Ahwatukee families. Their mission is to improve their patients’ quality of life by giving them the best vision possible.  Kelly and her staff offer many services for the health of your eyes that you would expect, yet what is unique about Kelly is that she offers a service called Vision Therapy. Think of vision therapy as physical therapy for the eyes and the brain. We see with our brains and minds, not just our eyes. Vision therapy can help patients with issues like: amblyopia, “lazy eye,” strabismus, convergence insufficiency, concussion symptoms, learning issues, and more.